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Micromax Q5 price and features
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micromax q5 comes with a 2.2 inch screen displaying 262K color and 240 X 320 pixel resolutions. The 2 MP camera sensor will provide you with good picture quality and shooting of video as well. Micromax an Indian mobile phone manufacturer has introduced and feature-loaded handsets. In fact it is the only Indian brand which made its mark in the Indian mobile market dominated by Nokia is Micromax. Focusing on what customer needs and swinging their supply chain Cheap MLB Jerseys From China , Micromax mobile has shaped up very well. Micromax mobile phones are aimed at providing its customers the handsets of high quality with best services and good pricing. These handset are eye-catching due to their appearance and features. Mobile phones in India are regarded as an investment by most of the people. So mobile phone price in India is kept with keeping the demand of price conscious people. In this sense Micromax mobile created their own categories. Micromax mobile price list is inspired by the common people's need. Micromax mobile price list is designed to provide cell-phone that helps people in their day to day life. The entry of new players is serving to fuel growth in the market. Micromax specialized in entry level and mid-segment handsets. Recently by launching Q series of handsets the company has proved its objective. Launching in this series is dual SIM GSM handset called Micromax Q5. This slim and sleek Micromax phon

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