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At the start of the second act, select doubt rather than brag and then invite Colt on the TV Show. After that, pick the'be polite' choice and then the'hold back' choice when dealing with Colt. There will come a time when you're awarded a pitching drill on the TV Show where you want to hit at least 11 targets to buy Mut 20 coins. Aim for the gloomy targets and throw the ball about 0.75 minutes before they are just about to come on your goal.

The next challenge you need to confront is the Play Calls. From the first play, the arrangement is Strong I Twins, Flex Dagger, X Dig, Y Shallow, Z Move. The next play has Singleback Ace Pair, Y Stick, X Slant, Z Move, U Flat. The final play has Gun Bunch Terrible, Double Trail, X Proceed, Y Dig and Z Shallow. After this, you'll be encouraged to analyze a few formations. The answers to this part of the series are safety, X and 22.

When the challenge goes to the area, the process is just like the Regional Blend. Make sure you are moving the left analog if you are going to receive the ball since the time given to make the throw will be progressively. Do anything you want when you are speaking to your coach, but ensure that you do not insult or provoke the rival QB outside the office. When your coach questions you after you are the star on the TV Show, answer affirm, followed by only back and the X/Square choice to finish.

Following that, there's a play call scene in which you have to repeat a formation. The formation is I Professional, Bench, X Out, Z Article and Y Choice. When you're surprised by Colt at the meeting, choose take. After that,'warrant' is a great alternative which is followed by the'deny' and'wait' options. The last 2 choices in the act are'defuse' and'ignore'.

In the next act, the first 2 options are up to you but they ought to be'avoid' and'justify'. Close it out with'deny' and then move on to the flashback games with Madden 20 coins. Pass through the occasions (which you ought to be very familiar with by now). The initial two events are not that difficult but the 3rd one is where you will encounter difficulties. What you have to do would be to make sure that the participant which you are marking does not get behind you. Stop them on the defense and guide your group down the field using the cut routes.

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